Accelerating towards Green Energy

Renewable Heat Incentive, Energy Efficient Systems, Professional Air Source Heat Pump Installation   According to an article in the Financial Times newspaper, in 2017, a British businessman whose company invents fuel saving technology for cars that run on petrol, had some disappointing news. His idea was aimed at producing a greener petrol run car, and at first he seemed to garner quite a bit of interest from the likes of General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota. […]

5 Benefits of Offsite Manufacturing

Offsite Manufacturing, Air Conditioning Installation, National Air Conditioning Contractors Offsite manufacture is the key to a fast and efficient air conditioning system installation, and something which has become popular with many of our customers. Both the client and the HVAC company benefit in a number of ways from using this innovative method. In fact offsite manufacture is such a positive process, that the government has endorsed the practice in line with it’s commitment to provide […]

Get Paid for Going Green

Professional Air Source Heat Pump Installation, Renewable Heat Incentive, Energy Efficient Systems   The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] scheme is a financial incentive introduced by the government, in an effort to cut carbon emissions and promote the use of renewable energy. The RHI contributes towards the UK meeting its EU renewable energy targets, and encourages homeowners to install and run green energy systems. These include air source heat pumps, biomass systems and solar energy, […]

Gold Standard for Silvertown, East London

Air Conditioning Installation Specialists, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Centres & Leisure Facilities.   Silvertown [great name] has been hiding it’s light and potential under a bushel for far too long, and overshadowed by nearby Canary Wharf, the East London town is earmarked for big changes. The first phases of a £5 billion regeneration for the town, is planned to start early in 2018. The central focus of the scheme is Millenium Mills, a 20th century flour […]

Pay Zero VAT on your new Heating System

Air Conditioning & Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance, Mitsubishi Electric Approved Installer The latest Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP’s] from Mitsubishi Electric are pretty ground breaking, and provide cost effective heating and hot water to homes and businesses all year round. They also offer the perfect low carbon oil alternative, in areas which are off grid. With a typical lifespan of 15-20 years, they perform exceptionally well, even in extremely cold temperatures. […]

HFC’s are to be Phased out Globally

Professional Design, Installation & Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems, Air Source Heat Pumps When scientists discovered that the ozone layer was being depleted by CFC’s, they were banned globally. This process caused a bit of an upheaval as they were used extensively within the domestic, commercial and industrial world. The offending greenhouse gas, was a refrigerant, widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration, which although functional, was identified as a major concern in relation to […]

Air Source Heat Pumps: 300% More Efficient than a New Boiler

Renewable Heating, Air Conditioning Specialists, Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps, Newcastle, London, Yorkshire, Birmingham When the colder weather begins to appear, we think about keeping our homes warm and ourselves comfortable. We also want to do this as cheaply as possible, and as we all know fuel bills are one of the biggest outlays for any home-owner. There are alternatives to traditional gas and electric heating systems however which present not only a cost […]

The importance of High Quality Ventilation Systems

Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Heating, Design, Installation Maintenance Contractors, Tyneside An ever increasing aspect of our business is the design, manufacture, installation, service and maintenance of state of the art ventilation systems. We have recently experienced a substantial rise in requests for this sort of work. This is partly due to the fact that many customers prefer to use one supplier for their air conditioning and ventilation. We are also often contracted to carry out […]

Customer Comfort is a Priority

National Air Conditioning System Installation, Service & Maintenance, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin & Toshiba Air Conditioning is big business within the competitive leisure industry, as companies cater to customers and establish a continuing foothold in their corner of the market. A major part of running a successful company in this area is looking after the needs of customers, including not only providing what they may wish to purchase, but ensuring their physical comfort. There are not […]

A Cooling Breeze, Please

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Contractors UK Nationwide. Hotels, Offices, Factories, Leisure & Retail Centres In 1947 in the USA air conditioning was generally described as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, and was especially appreciated in dry warmer climates like Arizona then and now!. Once considered a luxury, many people in this type of arid area wonder how they would live without air conditioning. These systems are an essential feature of homes, schools, shops, […]

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