Changes for a Better Environment

Air Conditioning & Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance, Mitsubishi Electric Approved Installer   The National Grid is all about transformers, with at least five transformers between a power station and a domestic user. This is due to the high voltage electrical current carried over large distances, and the smaller voltages needed in homes. High transmission voltages mean reduced losses from Joule heating. Energy transfers that are intended include light being emitted from LEDs, […]

Forward Thinking Technology

Renewable Heat Incentive, Energy Efficient Systems, Professional Air Source Heat Pump Installation   We have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, for several reasons including a market leading brand and high quality products. We also share the same fundamental belief in working towards a sustainable and efficient solution for customers. This along with ground breaking technological advancements are what take Mitsubishi Electric to another level. The environmental outlook is pretty positive, as newly built homes are required […]