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High Efficiency Heating Systems - Offsite Manufacturing

As access to the school site was limited, TK Air Conditioning designed a heating system that could be built on two skids, both of which could be imported whole. The heating boilers were installed on the first skid and a plant room built onto the second. To fulfil the requirement for regular monitoring, specialist sensors were incorporated into the heat pump boilers that transmit real-time data that is processed and can be fed directly back to the heating engineers and the client.

Before leaving TKAC's manufacturing premises the Ecodan CAHV units were fully tested.

In this instance, off-site manufacturing reduced the installation time by 75%, making it quicker, safer and cheaper for the client. The cost of constructing a roof plinth was also eliminated by locating the skids directly onto anti-vibration pads, ensuring they stayed comfortably within the maximum load dictated by the structural engineers.

"The process of getting equipment onto a roof can take time and involve engineers in working at height, often around other construction workers," said Mitch Swirles, Managing Director of TK Air Conditioning . "This increases the potential for accidents and the risk of damage to the equipment itself. To avoid this we package the heat pumps onto specially constructed skids, which also incorporate an electricity supply and deliver them on a Just-In-Time basis which negates the need for other specialists to work around the plant."

Once in place the new 'plug and play' solution just needed to be connected to the water and electricity supplies and were immediately able to provide heat and hot water to the whole school building.

High Efficiency Heating Systems

Cost Effective & Energy Efficient Heating

The Ecodan CAHV system installed in Woolley Wood School by TKAC reduced CO2 emissions by 30% and made a substantial impact on the heating costs to the school and the local authority. Off-site manufacture, innovative design and efficient installation also minimised costs to the customer.

"The CAHV product is an ideal heating solution for large scale underfloor heating applications such as Woolley Wood," said Mitch. "Coupled with our new off-site construction option if offers a safer, more cost-effective installation too. Cutting both running costs and CO2 emissions it is ideal for new-build and retro-fit and can work particularly well with community heating schemes".

High Efficiency Heating Systems

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