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Innovative Technology from Mitsubishi

Best-In-Class Advanced Products for the IT Cooling Market

As partners of Mitsubishi Electric we are always fascinated to learn of their latest innovations and developments. Like us they are committed to providing energy efficient, green solutions within their range of air conditioning systems. They have recently introduced a new range of M series R32 air conditioning systems. These cooling systems are aimed at the UK market, and intended be used in small computer rooms or similar.

The M series includes the MSY-TP R32 Cooling Only High SHF Wall Mounted System, with an SHF [Sensible Heat factor] of up to 0.98. The cooling only unit is available in two sizes, 3.5kW and 5.0kW.

Energy Efficient High Sensible Cooling, Digital Device Monitoring


The unit features high sensible cooling, which can cool a room efficiently without removing too much of the moisture. Advanced technology is relied upon by many successful businesses to ensure smooth day to day operations. Senior Product Manager of Mitsubishi Electric, Carl Dickinson says, ““Our new solution offers companies a compact alternative to large scale IT cooling.”

A major advantage of R32 refrigerant is it's reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP), which helps to lower fuel costs. This is ideal where equipment needs to be running for long periods such as IT facilities. The system can be controlled and monitored via smartphones, tablets or PC's, using the Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud app. This is extremely convenient for customers allowing them to perform this digital control from a distance.

Affordable, Cost Effective R32 Air Conditioning Systems

In December 2018, Mitsubishi launched a new range of cost effective R32 models that would deliver a highly affordable air conditioning system. These units use low GWP refrigerant, and are compact and stylishly designed. They are particularly useful for smaller scale air conditioning system applications.

The wall mounted range also incorporates Mitsubishi's inverter driven technology and comes in three sizes, 2.5kW, 3.5kW and a new 5.0kW system size. A significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), means that users can lessen their environmental impact, while ensuring the comfort of occupants in the building.

High Performance Products, Lower Running Costs & Environmental Impact


Another quote from Carl Dickinson stated “At Mitsubishi Electric we are committed to delivering products that limit their impact on the environment, while delivering comfortable working environments,” “By introducing this cost effective product range with R32 refrigerant, we are continuing to meet the customer need for systems that have lower GWP. The M Series MSZ-HR, which has an ErP cooling efficiency rating of A++, is just another example of our focus on upgrading product lines to deliver industry-leading efficiency.”

This system can also be managed digitally from any smart phone, tablet or PC, and a weekly timer facilitates ease of scheduling. Running costs are minimised and building operators can make sure that the surroundings are pleasant and comfortable.

Innovative Technology from Mitsubishi, Best-In-Class Advanced Products for the IT Cooling Market. Energy Efficient High Sensible Cooling, Digital Device Monitoring, Affordable, Cost Effective R32 Air Conditioning Systems. High Performance Products, Lower Running Costs & Environmental Impact.

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