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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a major worldwide manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning equipment. Mitsubishi Electric are deeply committed to offering leading edge technology in air conditioning solutions which are both economic and sustainable over the long term.

The company recognises that air conditioning specialists who install and maintain their equipment have a major role to play in ensuring Mitsubishi Electric’s quality and performance objectives.


Mitsubishi Electric Business Solution Partners

Acknowledging that it serves end users primarily through installers, Mitsubishi Electric have created the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme. This Partner Programme is open to all air conditioning businesses who share the company’s values and standards.

Within the scheme there are 2 types of partner – Accredited Installer and Business Solutions Partner, reflecting the size of the Partner's business. Turn Key Air Conditioning are a Business Solutions Partner.

Partners are assessed regularly against the following three key criteria:

Corporate Stability

Is the Partner financially stable and does it have a strong trading relationship with Mitsubishi Electric. Will it be around in the long term to support the lifecycle of the customer’s air-conditioning requirements?

Adherence to Standards

Is the Partner capable of meeting the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme Standards and can it form part of an enhanced business proposition to End-users?

People and Skills

Is the Partner committed to the training and professional development of its employees and sub-contractors. This applies not only to Mitsubishi Electric equipment but also to wider industry standards such as refrigerant handling?

The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme is uniquely based upon an agreed set of documented standards for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance – ensuring that the End-user receives a professional level of service and support from Mitsubishi Electric and their Partners. 

Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme Standards

All Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partners and Accredited Installers are required to demonstrate competence in key areas such as Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and Refrigerant Handling. 

These standards have been devised and developed in consultation with a working group of well respected air conditioning contractor companies, incorporating best practice methods gathered from renowned third parties such as HVCA.  The Standards incorporate:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Health & Safety
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR)

"The Mitsubishi Electric initiative is very much in line with our efforts to raise standards and to boost the credibility of specialist firms in the building engineering services sector and is to be applauded"  -  Robert Higgs, Director, HVCA

Health, Safety & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Technical standards alone are not enough. The way business is conducted also matters. Mitsubishi Electric consider Health and Safety issues and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to be just as important to the end-user.  This is why, in addition to adhering to their technical standards, Mitsubishi Electric Partners are required to uphold Health & Safety issues and to abide by a set of CSR principles.

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