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R22 Replace Technology From Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Replace Technology system enables existing pipeline and electrical networks to remain in place when air conditioning units are replaced in the switchover from refrigerant R22 to R410A.

Replace Technology makes it easier for businesses to change a highly efficient air conditioning system using R410A, as the investment required is considerably less than a full system replacement.

R22 Replace TechnologyWith the Replace Technology system, only the outdoor and indoor air conditioning cassettes are replaced. The existing pipework and electrical and communications wiring stays in place. In this way, the Replace Technology system brings several benefits:

  • The investment cost of installing an R410A driven system is reduced, making equipment replacement viable for many customers where a complete air conditioning system would not be.
  • Business operation continues as normal during installation, as the disruption of removing and then replacing pipework and electrical wiring is eliminated. The indoor units can often be replaced over a weekend, to further minimise the disruption.
  • The outdoor VRF units have an integrated flushing function which enables the R410A to flush out all of the mineral oil residue from the old system. After the thorough flush through, the system will commence operation easily and efficiently based on R410A.
  • Replace Technology can also be used for air conditioning systems which previously used equipment made by other manufacturers. Replace Technology enables such systems to be replaced with the highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric units.

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R22 Replace TechnologyHeating & Cooling – 50% Cost Savings

The operating costs of the Replace Technology system are considerably reduced, due to the high efficiency ratio and an energy efficiency rating of 'A'. In combination with the CFC-free refrigerant R410A, the Mitsubishi Electric inverter technology not only makes Mitsubishi Electric split systems extremely effective, but also provides both cooling and heating, as required, by you, the customer. Savings of up to 50% can be made on operating costs.

Replace Technology – A Truly Sustainable Solution

The sustainability features built into Replace Technology means that CO2 emissions are also reduced significantly. The environment can be protected still further if the new R410A system uses heat recovery to cool and heat rooms. This way, old gas and oil heating systems can also be eliminated, along with the old air conditioning system.

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