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R22 Refrigerant Replacement

 R22 Air Conditioning refrigerant will be banned from use completely in Jan 2015 – just over 2 years time. Alternatives to R22 are available, well known ones being R422D and R427A. These replacement fluids are dropped into the air conditioning system as a replacement for the R22. Whilst these refrigerants appear on the surface to […]

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Hotel Air Conditioning Retrofits

Hotel air conditioning is a major market sector for TK Air Conditioning and we have undertaken numerous hotel air conditioning projects for Whitbread plc companies. For Beefeater restaurants we have a rolling programme of R22 replacement, replacing old units with the replacement R410. This programme involves us working closely with our business relationship partner Mitsubishi.  […]

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Off-site manufacturing – cost-effective and practical

TKAC recently installed 19 condensors in a restricted space on a hotel roof in under 5 hours without disturbing a single guest. (See video here.) You wouldn’t buy a new PC and have it assembled in you home. You wouldn’t buy a washing machine and wait another two hours while the engineer installs the motherboard and […]

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