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5 Benefits of Offsite Manufacturing

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Offsite manufacture is the key to a fast and efficient air conditioning system installation, and something which has become popular with many of our customers. Both the client and the HVAC company benefit in a number of ways from using this innovative method. In fact offsite manufacture is such a positive process, that the government has endorsed the practice in line with it’s commitment to provide affordable homes.

Here are five reasons why offsite manufacture is the way to go.

1.Time Saving

Time saving is a major advantage of this process, as construction happens elsewhere in a controlled environment, with everything needed to hand. There are less hiccups, and the completed structure simply requires connection on site. This also ensures that clients can make use of the installation sooner.

2.Cost Reduction

A lowering of costs is a happy consequence of this type of system, and many clients now insist that a significant part of the work be carried out offsite. Quality control and traceability are simpler to manage in this setting too.

3. Less waste

Offsite manufacturing results in a reduction of waste on site, which again can save time and money. It encourages the best use of materials and resources, and designs out any unnecessary waste for a more efficient outcome.

4, Safe Environment

There are health and safety advantages also, as most of the work is performed in a safe, purpose built environment. Many installations are carried out in and around roof areas, and this is inevitably more risky than doing the work in a factory. Offsite manufacturing protects the installer, the client and the public.

5. Eco Friendly

Energy, time, cost and waste reduction all make for a more eco friendly system, with less impact on the local community.

We even successfully carried out one of our offsite manufacturing project hotel installations, before the guests had finished breakfast!

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