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6 Advantages of Air Conditioning in the Workplace

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Summer is fast approaching, and many are hoping for hot, sunny weather this year. Warmth can be enjoyable if you’re relaxing or pottering in the garden, but much less so if you are in a hot, stuffy office. Once back at work, you may just appreciate the benefits of air conditioning. It’s a fact that a stifling, uncomfortable work environment will hamper your efforts to concentrate and be productive. The benefits of professionally installed, high quality air conditioning systems include:-

1. Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning systems are becoming more energy efficient, as technology evolves. Cooling and heating buildings effectively, and ensuring that the temperature is constant and comfortable. Energy use is also limited and fuel costs lowered. Another plus is that the building’s carbon footprint is reduced, which is a priority for the majority these days.

2. Control & Comfort

Temperature changes whether interior or exterior are responded to immediately to maintain comfortable surroundings. Advanced systems are even able to recover heat from warmer areas, and distribute it where it’s needed.

3. Reduction of Humidity

A humid atmosphere will usually result in a general feeling of discomfort, as the body becomes hot and sticky. Workers may feel sluggish and unable to apply themselves and get down to work. Thirst is another consequence, meaning frequent bathroom breaks.

4. Quality of Air

Busy offices and other workplaces are well known breeding grounds for coughs, colds and worse! Air conditioning systems use special filters to purify the air, reducing bacteria, allergens, dust and odours. Filtered air is crucial in places where people suffer from respiratory conditions.

5. Quietly Functional

The most recently designed hi tech systems are extremely quiet, lessening the chance of noise disturbance for workers. This is true even if the air conditioning system is working flat out dealing with extreme heat.

6. Equipment Protection

Heat and humidity are produced where there is a lot of technology such as computers, photocopiers etc. This can cause damage to sensitive equipment, and interfere with it’s performance. Air conditioning plays a part in removing the risk of this quickly and effectively. Call TKAC on 0191 438 7410 for advice about air conditioning systems.


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