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cactus2 signedIn 1947 in the USA air conditioning was generally described as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, and was especially appreciated in dry warmer climates like Arizona then and now!. Once considered a luxury, many people in this type of arid area wonder how they would live without air conditioning. These systems are an essential feature of homes, schools, shops, businesses, offices, leisure centres, hospitals and laboratories. Air conditioning and HVAC systems are a major part of many construction projects in the UK also.

People have always tried to cool down in warm climates, even looking back through ancient history we discover novel and ingenious examples of methods to limit heat and achieve enhanced comfort. In cavemen times our ancestors lived in their natural abodes formed from rock, sheltering them from weather and providing some protection from hungry animals. These caves were of course by their very nature cooler and served as a sort of primitive source of air conditioning. This was utilised by the first humans who realised that being further underground in tunnels and burrows was cooler.

Underground tunnels in the Middle east have been used for a long time, to suck up cool air and push out warm air. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians cleverly realised that water soaked reeds when hung in the window provided a cooling effect where incoming breezes were present. Some present day HVAC systems still rely on this concept. In ancient China fans were used as simple cooling devices, when it was noticed that moving air had a cooling effect. Electric fans use this method for the movement of air around buildings as do some modern air conditioning systems. In ancient Greece, they designed systems with a continual flow of water from aqueducts acting as refrigerant to either heat or cool the villagers. In the Victorian times they made the most of high ceilings, large windows and deep porches for cross ventilation.

Most of these innovative techniques can still be found in some circumstances, as ducts, fans and geothermal cooling once used by cavemen, have their uses. Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, can provide you with the very latest state of the art air conditioning systems, just call us on 0191 438 7410

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