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Accelerating towards Green Energy

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According to an article in the Financial Times newspaper, in 2017, a British businessman whose company invents fuel saving technology for cars that run on petrol, had some disappointing news. His idea was aimed at producing a greener petrol run car, and at first he seemed to garner quite a bit of interest from the likes of General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota. In fact the gadget attracted the attention of twelve car manufacturers, which was very encouraging for the businessman. However, all of a sudden nobody was interested, it appears that technology which relies on fossil fuels is fast becoming a big ‘no no’. Each company expressed the opinion that the shift towards electric vehicles was accelerating and that they wished to invest in the green car revolution.

This change in thinking is being seen across the board, in most areas of society here and abroad, and this experience is just one example of the impact that green energy is having. Entire industries are having to sit up and take notice as the concept of clean power gains momentum. Even leaders in the gas and oil sector have been taken by surprise with the speed at which green energy is making its presence known.

Even at this early stage, the rate at which wind and solar parks are being built is unprecedented, and electric cars are selling faster than they can be manufactured. This is of course driving down the price of batteries, making the option of owning an electric car a viable prospect. Global energy specialists are watching the developments with increasing awe.

Green energy impacted the electricity sector in Europe first, then later in the US, the auto market then began to be affected and experts believe the oil industry will be next

Governments are supporting the push for renewable energy with schemes like the Renewable Heat Incentive, already taken on board by many. The scheme pays those who produce their own renewable energy via systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps.


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