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Affordable Air Conditioning Systems Scheme

Despite air conditioning being an important part of any building project or fit out, it is often one of the first features to be dropped or put on hold where there are financial constraints. Air conditioning systems are a must, providing a comfortable, healthy environment especially when installed in places like hospitals, schools, factories, offices and shops.

Projects have been rejected on the part of the client, due to budgetary constraints which dictate whether or not work would prove cost effective. It is wise to try to include installations  such as air conditioning if at all possible to present an effective package. It is also less expensive to include installations initially rather than to add them at a later date.

Costs for the whole fit out project including the air conditioning equipment can be be written off against tax.Turn Key Air Conditioning have teamed up with Wyse Leasing to provide a positive lease finance option. The arrangement allows you to complete your new build, fit out or conversion to optimum requirements without financial considerations interfering. This can include maintenance of your air conditioning system which is recommended as a five year plan.

Some of the advantages of lease purchase financing include:-

• Payments fixed monthly and unaffected by interest rate movements
• No fixed or floating charge and no further security required
• Keeps clear lines of credit for other purposes
• 100% Tax Allowable payments

TKAC provide a whole host of services such as surveying, design, building trade co-ordination, legal aspects and contract supervision as well as the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.