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Air Conditioning – Are You Worth It?

Imagine buying a new car. Nothing fancy, just a mid-engine, mid-range saloon. Air bags fitted as standard. Decent radio / CD / MP3. Would you expect it to come with satnav? How about air conditioning? The simple fact is, it is hard to imagine buying a new car without air conditioning or temperature control. Air conditioning is one of those little luxuries we now flick on in the car without even thinking it’s a luxury.

For many of our customers, installing air conditioning is a purely business decision. It either gives them a competitive edge or they are keeping up with Jones Ltd. This is certainly true in the hotel sector where air conditioning and climate control is almost taken for granted – and only remarked upon when it is missing.

The same is found in retail, and in some sectors more than others. Air conditioning is a pre-requisite for supermarkets, not least because a cooler environment welcomes shoppers but also because it preserves perishable goods. Most clothes stores use air conditioning to keep the air fresh and the clothing clean. Department stores: air conditioning fitted as standard.

What about the workplace? It’s one thing bringing in air conditioning for free-spending customers but would we spend part of the budget on keeping our employees cool? Many businesses have now come around to the fact that comfortable working conditions increase productivity. We all know the feeling of sitting in a stuffy, airless office on a hot day when the enthusiasm has gone out of the window in search of a cooling breeze.

Modern, technologically advanced air conditioning and ventilation from Turn Key Air Conditioning is cost effective and energy efficient. Turn Key Air Conditioning design. manufacture and install air conditioning systems that are tailor made for your business. TKAC off-site manufacturing processes means that in the vast majority of cases – even for retro fit air conditioning – installation takes place in a matter of hours and always at a time that minimises disruption to the business. TK Air Conditioning offer fantastic servicing and maintenance deals so you don’t have to worry, and through our lease finance options air conditioning takes full advantage of capital tax allowances and renewable energy premiums.

For further information on your new air conditioning system check out the website at www.tkac.co.uk .

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