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15 field Considering the importance of breathing in order to sustain life, it is not surprising that awareness of the need for efficient and highly functional heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC] systems is growing. Air quality in countries like China, has for some time left a lot to be desired with air pollution presenting real challenges to the population. Serious respiratory problems have been on the increase in locations far and wide, and the desire to tackle the issue has become a priority for governments and official health organisations globally.
It is now accepted that high performance HVAC systems along with energy saving lighting, represent part of a solution to this and many other concerns such as energy consumption, expense, and the carbon footprint. Energy efficiency is the phrase on everybody’s lips, and building owners, operators and regulatory agencies are eager to play their part. The focus is on advanced HVAC thermostats and controls, which will help to boost the market.
Home Energy Management Systems [HEMS] mean a smart solution with real-time energy conservation, cloud computing and data analytics, plus increased device inter-connectivity. Technically advanced smart software within the home, office or other business premises brings benefits like exceptional convenience as well as environmental advantages. Legislation is being introduced in many countries which encourages and promotes HEMS.
Since HVAC systems utilise almost 40% of the electricity used within a commercial building, improved controls are essential. One prominent feature of advanced HVAC controls is the sensor, which is responsible for the rise in sales and marketability, along with their increased inclusion into these systems.
Control devices for HVAC systems like sensors, thermostats, smart meters and lighting controllers dominate the market and rightly so. They save money while saving the planet, and ultimately will work towards making life more bearable for people who regularly experience poor air quality.
The growth of these types of device are set to skyrocket, and they can already be found in a wide range of settings such as educational institutions, health care facilities, offices, retail, and manufacturing plants.

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