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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Servicing

Prevention is better than cure. This is as true with air conditioning as it is with with anything else, from your health to servicing your car. Keeping your air conditioning units in tip top shape reduces energy bills, improves efficiency and avoids unexpected repair costs.

Turn Key Air Conditioning offer two distinct schemes to keep our customers costs to a minimum while optimising the quality of their air condition systems.

Air Conditioning Maintenance should be built into any air conditioning contract. Turn Key Air Conditioning supply and install from all the major manufacturers including Mitsubish, Toshiba and Daikin. Installations invariably come with a manufacturers 5 year warranty, subject to regular maintenance. As an authorised company Turn Key are able to provide approved maintenance to any air coditioning system, keeping the warranty intact and the air conditioning running to full efficiency. We are also able to offer enhanced warranty and maintenance contracts giving customers greater peace of mind with no unexpected bills.

Air Conditioning Servicing is distinct from Maintenance. While maintenance is a planned activity, servicing is reactive and exists to solve immediate questions and problems should they arise. Our service hub is staffed by technical personnel who can quickly understand the nature of the problem. In many cases they are able to offer immediate advice and solutions that customers can implement easily and successfully, often avoiding the costs of an emergency call out. Turn Key Air Conditioning also have teams of engineers throughout the country who are able to solve technical and mechanical problems at source. With regional and service bases in Newcastle, Doncaster, Birmingham, London, Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, Fort William, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Limavady  (N Ireland), St Helier (Jersey) and Douglas (Isle of Man) we are never far from our clients.

For further information on Maintenance and Servicing check out our website Here or give us a call on 0191 438 7410