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A name that features prominently amongst the high quality products and services we offer at Turn Key Air Conditioning, is Mitsubishi Electric. This world renowned company has a name synonymous with professionalism and excellence, keeping it at the forefront of the electrics arena, which is why we are extremely happy to be associated with this manufacturer. Along with many other ground breaking products, Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in the supply of energy efficient air conditioning equipment. Decades of intense research have produced innovative and cleverly designed systems, allowing you to control your environment, and bringing a flexible mix of cooling, heating or ventilation. Mitsubishi Electric are manufacturers of simple yet reliable individual systems, as well as highly advanced internet-enabled controls.

At Turn key Air Conditioning we are also extremely happy that likeminded Mitsubishi Electric care about the impact of their products and systems on the environment. The Green Gateway programme demonstrates their level of commitment to reducing the environmental impact made by their products.

In recent years there has been a great transformation in the way energy is consumed within buildings in the UK, in an effort to tackle global climate change. This ongoing, positive adjustment, is the most significant since the move from solid fuel to gas. Standards have been set, which while challenging, are a crucial step in the right direction. Mitsubishi Electric believe that these developments will affect all areas of society, including domestic and commercial, leading to newly accepted ways of thinking and collaborating. Advances in and utilisation of eco-friendly technologies not only benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but ensure the efficiency of the fabric of buildings. Mitsubishi Electric’s response to these considerations is the Green Gateway, which lays down guidance and parameters, while inviting other environmentally aware companies like Turn Key Air Conditioning to work with them.

The Ecodan Air Source heat Pump, is just one of the high quality systems offered by us and developed by Mitsubishi Electric, and we are delighted by the response from customers both domestic and commercial, to this product.


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