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ventmodAir conditioning is usually seen as a practical solution to providing clean, breathable air in places like offices, shops, bars and leisure centres. Unobtrusive air conditioning vents can often be seen attached to the outside of buildings and are pretty inconspicuous in appearance. Although there have always been one or two air vents which caused people to stop and stare, whether it’s because of their design, or how they have been modified by their owners. We are all aware of the famous air vent which caused Marilyn Monroe’s dress to billow up when she stood over it. A little less iconic, but still impressive is the air vent which looms over the River Mersey in Liverpool, UK. This huge, curious structure puts one in mind of the famous Starship Enterprise from the ‘Star Trek’ series. Many young Liverpudlian’s have listened to or invented awe inspiring tales about what this imposing building could be, before discovering the truth.

Many famous movies have featured a scene where some desperate individual has the rather dubious job of crawling through the ventilation shaft. These vents are frequently and conveniently rather oversized, as our hero drags himself along without a hint of claustrophobia. [Actually this scenario did happen in ‘Star Trek’, and also in ‘Alien’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Space 1999’. Is there something fishy going on?]. The air vents in question are obviously always well maintained too, as everybody emerges without even the tiniest speck of dust about their person!

The visible parts of air conditioning vents have been beautified or incorporated into art, as people personalise these functional fittings. Some have attached an arrangement of attractive silk flowers or plants. Others, like street artist Joshua Allen Harris have attached shaped pieces of thin plastic which fill with air pumped out of street vents in the US to reveal animal shapes and other strange creatures. Work attributed to the [slightly naughty shh] London-based graffiti artist Banksy has made use of an air vent which is incorporated into a famous image as part of a child’s boom box.

We are sure you will appreciate your high performance air conditioning system from Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, even though it may not be the most stunning, exciting or artistic addition to your property. Wherever you are in the UK, call us on 0191 438 7410

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