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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Installation Barnsley Pipework Fans Air Ducts Filters Sheffield Leeds BradfordInadequate maintenance can result in energy consumption increasing by as much as 60%. Regular maintenance checks help to ensure efficient operation of an air conditioning system in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Teesside:-

Check condensers. These reject heat that has been removed from inside a building and are usually located outside. Condensers must be unobstructed and  condensing and evaporating devices must always be kept clean and well maintained.

Refrigerant charge and leakage should be regularly checked by specialists contractors in air conditioning and comfort cooling plant.

Check insulation on pipework and replace any damaged sections. Damaged insulation on refrigerant pipework will affect the temperature of refrigerant flowing through an air conditioning system and thus consume more energy in maintaining the required temperature.

Clean fans, filters and air ducts. Blocked filters lead to reduced airflow and increased operating costs. Gauges can be fitted to indicate when filters should be replaced. Contaminated components can reduce the efficiency of an air conditioning system by up to 60%.

Ensure thermostats are calibrated annually to ensure they accurately reflect to actual temperatures.

Turnkey Air Conditioning Ltd offers a range of maintenance options for your air conditioning system. Please call us now wherever you are in the UK, for a quotation.

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