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How to find an air conditioning system that’s right for your needs

Here at TKAC, we’ve got years of experience installing air conditioning systems across the Sunderland, Durham and Middlesborough areas.

That’s why we’re the perfect choice for those looking to install technology designed to keep heat at a minimum, as we can guide you to making a choice that suits your needs.

Air conditioning units may sometimes seem to have a large up front cost, but by choosing the system that’s correct for your needs you can enjoy an efficient system which offers good value for money and allows you to experience the benefits of a temperature controlled home, office or commercial premises.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at what each of the different air conditioning systems can offer and how they can help you cool down your property quickly, effectively and cheaply.

Window air conditioner

Because it’s often installed at a location such as a windowsill, our first type of air conditioner is known as a “window air conditioning” system.

It’s designed to be used when you simply need to keep one room cool as opposed to a series of nearby rooms or even an entire building. And because all of the components of the system are located right next to each other in the same box, there’s no need to install several items with unpleasant, chunky appearances.

Central air conditioner

There are plenty of large buildings across the Durham, Middlesborough and Sunderland areas. Whether it’s large art venues such as Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art or one of the area’s many hotels, there’s lots of spacious locations.

For places like these, it makes a lot of sense to install an air conditioning system which is centrally administrated rather than lots of different little boxes. Setting up many different systems, sometimes even one in each room, can cost money: not only are there several set up costs, the ongoing running costs can be pricey as well. What’s more, it’s less environmentally efficient to do this.

Air Conditioner Installation Window Central Packaged SplitThat’s where a centralised unit can come in handy. And with some central air conditioning plants being water-based, you can invest in these systems without having to worry about potentially toxic chemicals either.

Packaged air conditioner

If you’ve got a huge room or space which needs to be kept cool, a packaged air conditioner may come in handy.

Mostly, the component parts of this type of air conditioner are kept altogether in the same box. The cooling agent then gets taken all around the network, often via a blowing mechanism.

In some limited cases, however, the components of a packaged air conditioner can be split – such as when compressed gas is used and needs to be pumped to different units with their own cooling coils located across the house, shop or office.

Split air conditioners

A popular choice for homeowners and residents who’d prefer to avoid having a large, unsightly machine on their windowsill or other obvious location, a split air conditioner is ideal.

With this type of system, some of the technology – like the compressor, expansion valve or condenser – are located and stored outside of the building, so you don’t need to worry about complex equipment looming over your living area or spoiling your decor!

Air Conditioner Installation Window Central Packaged SplitThe rest of the kit, including the cooling fan, is kept indoors, so you’ll be able to get all the benefits of the technology right up close when you’re inside the building.

Get in touch today

It doesn’t matter what your needs are when it comes to air conditioning systems: here at TKAC, we can help you find the system that works best for your requirements.

For some larger properties, a central system with all sorts of different sections shooting off is the most effective method of keeping the place cooled down during the hottest days of summer. Whether you want to ensure that your hotel’s rooms have a pleasant atmosphere or that your open-plan office’s users are kept free from the distractions of too much heat, a central air conditioning system is perfect.

Or if you’re simply looking to keep your living room or shop floor free from humidity in the summer, a window air conditioner may be more suitable.

So if you’re a local resident or a business owner in the Sunderland, Durham or Middlesborough areas, just give TKAC a call and we’ll come and help you find which air conditioning system is best for you.

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