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Air Source Heat Pumps – Renewable Energy Systems

Air Source Heat Pumps Renewable Energy Systems Underfloor Heating Radiators Hot Water Energy Efficient Sustainable HeatAt Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, we are contractors committed to providing our customers with a tailored, reliable solution, which is why we offer products from a selection of reputable manufacturers. This is particularly true when it comes to the Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP’s] we install, and assessing our customer’s specific needs is a priority. Along with Mitsubishi ASHP’s we are suppliers of systems by industry leaders Daikin and Toshiba.

As most people are now aware, an air source heat pump can perform very well when it comes to heating the home, even in cold temperatures. With this form of renewable energy, homes will experience reduced fuel bills as well as a reduction in the property’s carbon footprint. ASHP’s are an extremely satisfactory replacement option where expensive fuels like electricity, oil and coal are in use. Although they run off electricity they are still considered a ‘green’ heating choice which is why the government and organisations like the Energy Saving Trust support ASHP’s as a viable energy solution.

ASHP’s – Ideal Solution for Underfloor Heating, Radiators & Domestic Hot Water

One remarkably popular area to benefit from ASHP installation is underfloor heating, with a system perfectly structured to facilitate larger surface heating. Daikin air source heat pumps, are designed to perform efficiently whatever the season and like most of these systems are ideal for new build, retrofit and low energy homes. These pumps also work well with larger radiators, generating heat over a wider area and saving energy while providing a comfortable radiating warmth.

Daikin ASHP’s are:

  • Perfect for new build, retrofit or low energy homes
  • Designed for the harshest of European winters
  • Guaranteed to function even in outside temperatures as low as -25°C
  • Ideal for underfloor heating systems
  • Compatible with solar support for domestic hot water
  • High performance with low temperature radiators, fan coil units and heat pump convectors

Home Insulation when Installing Air Source Heat Pumps for High Performance

Air Source Heat Pumps Renewable Energy Systems Underfloor Heating Radiators Hot Water Energy Efficient Sustainable HeatAir source heat pumps work in a similar way to domestic refrigerators and freezers, which cool the inside of the device by pumping the heat out. Homes with ASHPs need to be able to retain heat, in other words they should be well insulated by wall and loft insulation, high quality double glazed windows and doors and draught proofing. As HVAC contractors, we are happy to run through all of the pros and cons related to air source heat pump installation, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Another market leading producer of ASHP’s favoured by many of our customers, is Toshiba who offer a range of high performance units. Suited to domestic and light commercial use, these heat pumps have extremely high COP figures, and incorporate Toshiba’s highly efficient Super Digital Inverter outdoor units. They are lightweight, easy to install and can direct heated water to two separate zones as well as domestic hot water. With Toshiba ASHP’s you will get:

  • Two zone heating control
  • An electric heater back up built in
  • Hot water production
  • Hydro module single and three phase options
  • Highly efficient twin rotary inverter compressor
  • Easy to use, bespoke controller

Energy Efficient Home Heating

The Heat Pump Association [HPA] has lots of interesting information about air source heat pump technology, along with fascinating articles. These include how Daikin ASHP’s have been integrated into a new housing estate, and the secret of Toshiba’s excellent performance. There is news of renewable heat projects underway across the UK, and even how Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP’s are keeping two one-horned Indian Rhinos happy in Edinburgh Zoo by heating their indoor pool!

Air source heat pump technology is increasingly being utilised to reduce energy use, and it is a viable option considering that much of the £16 billion plus consumed every year to generate heat goes towards heating buildings to 21°C and water to above 50°C.

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