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Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVRF): the features on offer

It can be a challenge to find the right air conditioning unit, especially if you manage a large or complex building with lots of users and use cases. But the good news is that firms like Mitsubishi have been innovating in recent times to ensure that those looking to procure cooling units for their facilities can find what they need – and the latest release of the Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (or HVRF for short) should be on your shortlist.

Hybrid: the best of both worlds

By far the most important feature of the new HVRF from Mitsubishi is its hybrid approach. The device prides itself on having two pipes and on being able to range nimbly between cooling and heating. As well as alternating between the two, you can even run them simultaneously.

Say that you’re installing a new system in a hospital, and you need to ensure that waiting rooms for vulnerable patients are kept warm while adjacent IT and data centres are kept cool due to the large amount of heat your kit has the potential to generate. By going for this device, you’ll be able to enjoy both at once, and heat and cool as required – even in nearby spaces.

It’s worth remembering that this is fairly uncommon on the market. In fact, Mitsubishi has pointed out that it’s the only such two-pipe system in the world – meaning that you’ll be securing a unique air conditioning experience if you go for this product.

Mounting options

Another top feature of the latest HVRF release to explore is the chassis. These indoor units are designed to be positioned where you need them to go: you can have them floor-mounted, for example, while you can also install them as ducted or cassette. So, it’s up to you where you put and how you go about it.

That way, you won’t be limited to just one place to put it, or be forced to make your existing fixtures and fittings work around it. You can instead experiment with where the device best fits your environment, and go from there. This flexibility also gives you the option of moving the device elsewhere in the future.

CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor units

It’s also a good idea to look in more detail at the technology that powers the system. The CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor units are based around what is known as a Hybrid Branch Controller, or HBC for short. This tool allows either water or air to feed into the system through a source unit, before circulating around the two-pipe set up and reaching the indoor fan coils to manage and moderate the temperature in the room.

The idea behind the CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor unit is that it can strike the perfect balance between temperature moderation and value for money. It’s an efficient system, but it also delivers the comfortable environment required for offices, communal spaces like schools and flat blocks, and much more.

Diving deeper into the technology, you’ll find that the CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor units also offer you a choice of source. If you prefer an air source, you can go for that – but if you want the cooling to come from water, that’s also an option too. Thanks to this flexibility, you can make your decision based on your existing infrastructure and integrate it into what works best in your environment – rather than having to rip out existing infrastructure. Choice, then, is maximised by going for this device.

In sum, it’s clear that there are plenty of reasons to consider going for this form of HVRF. It’s the only two-pipe hybrid system available, for a start, giving you an almost unrivalled level of flexibility when it comes to heating and cooling different parts of the same building. It can be installed in a number of different settings and places, and the flexibility on offer in terms of where and how you can store and mount the device enhances its bespoke nature. And with CITY MULTI® N-Generation technology involved, you can be sure that your device is powered by industry-respected kit.