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Mitsubishi’s latest I.T. cooling device: how can it help you?

The latest I.T. cooling device from Mitsubishi is packed with interesting features to help keep your I.T. offices and storage units cool. But why is this so important? And why does this device have what it takes to help you achieve your safety and operational goals? This article will find out.

The need for cool temperatures

It’s essential to keep your I.T. kit cool, for several reasons. The first reason is safety: it’s vital that you protect the people who work in your workplace from danger. If you’re an employer, it’s your obligation under the law to make sure that all people who work for you are looked after in terms of their health and safety while they’re at work – and if you were to allow your I.T. equipment to overheat, you could be in breach of your obligations. There’s also a moral obligation as well as a legal one, too: as a responsible employer, you should be ensuring that you’re doing your bit.

And it’s also important in terms of the longevity and functioning of your I.T. kit, too. If you let your devices overheat, they could begin to at worst malfunction or at best slow down – and this can have knock on effects on their value as well as their contribution to your firm’s profitability.

s-MEXT: a top feature

All of this might seem like a big burden on your product, facilities management and HR teams. But the good news is that the latest I.T. cooling devices from Mitsubishi’s range can help you ensure that you keep your items cool, operational and meet your obligations. One such way that the device does this is by using Mitsubishi’s s-MEXT design approach.

This means that the design of the device is low when it comes to floor space. While the device is still large enough to comprehensively cool an I.T. suite or other tech-heavy environment, it has been created in a way that avoids taking up lots of room on the ground – so you can prioritise the I.T. kit that keeps your business running and growing.

Efficient technology

At the heart of this I.T. cooling device is a strongly efficient nexus of low power, high performance tools. The INVERTER technology used in this system keeps your data centre running in a cool way thanks to its in-built plug fans and an impeller. Heat and humidity levels are easily customised when INVERTER technology is on your side!

Bespoke control systems

Clearly, Mitsubishi has acknowledged the fact that no two users of its temperature and humidity moderation technology are likely to have exactly the same requirements. That’s why they have offered the chance to construct your own alert system focusing on metrics which matter to you, such as airflow loss. You can also opt for safety mechanisms to give you peace of mind, such as automatic closures of power supplies in the event of certain condition being reached. These are all accessed through an easy to use display system with powerful graphics, so there’ll be no complexity in setting up your own personalised control approach.

Rely on Mitsubishi

While there are plenty of brands out there offering temperature regulation technology, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for Mitsubishi. The company has been working to produce I.T. temperature moderation items for more than five decades, which means it has been at the forefront of development in this sector for a long time. It invests in its manufacturing approach as well as its associated R&D processes, meaning that the technology you’ll receive for your I.T. suite or data centre is top class and has expertise built into it.

In sum, the latest I.T. cooling device from Mitsubishi is perfect for helping you keep your IT environments safe, cool and working well. As this article has shown, features like the s-MEXT design approach and the bespoke control systems allow this device to be nimble and compact while improving efficiency, preventing problematic downtime and helping you meet your obligations when it comes to I.T. kit management.