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National Grid and the R22 Replacement Programme

Safe & Efficient Energy Distribution

The National Grid plays a huge role in the distribution of the UK’s gas and electric, and is responsible for ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency in this area. Another priority of the National Grid is to encourage the development of affordable, innovative and sustainable energy solutions. These tasks are not always as simple as you may think, due to the substantial number of premises which have outdated systems. This can be challenging, as regards carbon emission reduction and minimal costs.

After site surveys were conducted by the company, it emerged that cooling and heating systems covering many of their 145 sub stations were extremely inefficient. That’s when they were working at all, and another major concern was the ongoing presence of R22 refrigerant in the facilities. This refrigerant was banned in 2014, and businesses still using R22 were required to replace it.

Carbon Reduction Solutions

The National Grid discovered that updates and improvements were needed at over 140 sites across the UK. This work ultimately saved the National Grid energy and operational costs. Paul Sibson of the National Grid explained “We have used the latest Mitsubishi Electric technology, which means running costs savings and carbon reduction are between 30% and 50% when old R22 equipment is replaced with like for like sizes”.

In addition the replacements and upgrades were fitted with state of the art controls, creating optimum functionality. As a result of these measures, the National Grid now has modern and efficient equipment that is economical to run and meets all relevant legislation. They have also achieved running cost savings of approximately £385,522 per years and reduced carbon emissions by 2,044,518kg.

Environmentally Friendly Technologies in HVAC

Eco-Friendly HVAC Systems Installation Service Maintenance Repair Air Conditioning Ventilation Air Source Heat PumpsMitsubishi Electric have a philosophy that is dedicated to effective carbon reduction wherever possible. They have named their efforts Green Gateway which covers the challenge to reduce energy consumption while offering comfortable living environments for people. Investing in the development and implementation of innovative green technology has become a priority for this leading company.

Minimum efficiency standards [MEES] set demanding requirements in efficiency within both new and older buildings. Meeting these requirements can be difficult, yet new technologies and a different approach can work wonders. Debate and communication are crucial in this process, and are key to the success of Green Gateway. There are five core principles of the concept and how Mitsubishi Electric and partners do business which are:-

  • Doing the right thing
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing carbon
  • Promoting renewables
  • The way business is conducted

Major National & International Manufacturers of HVAC Systems

Climate change is best not only addressed globally, but at a local level, which is why Turn Key Air Conditioning work together with Mitsubishi Electric to deliver desired targets. This includes providing an excellent service for each customer, whatever their HVAC needs.

By instigating a new way of thinking, seemingly impossible outcomes can be achieved, and old problems met head on. We support Mitsubishi Electric in their efforts to deliver goals, and this is demonstrated by the products and services we associate ourselves with. Products such as air source heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and their installation, servicing and maintenance. We are delighted to regularly deal with some of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers in the industry..

National Grid and the R22 Replacement Programme, Safe & Efficient Energy Distribution. Carbon Reduction Solutions, Environmentally Friendly Technologies in HVAC. Major National & International Manufacturers of HVAC Systems.

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