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Vacancies Leeds Training Development Bradford Air Conditioning Engineers Institute Nottingham Refrigeration RecruitmentContractors TK Air Conditioning have recognised the skills shortage in the construction industry, brought about by a failure to invest in front line staff development; and been pro-active in tackling the problem.

We have developed a detailed, well structured programme of training and development which has enabled TK Air Conditioning to deal with this issue in places like Teesside, Sheffield and Leeds.

Recruiting From Parallel Trades
TK Air Conditioning has a long standing policy of promotion from within. As an extension of this policy, we recruit people from ‘parallel trades’ and take them through a programme of development, the conclusion being the transfer of their skills to become an air conditioning engineer.

We recruit suitable applicants from a wide range of trades, often building or other engineering work including  – plumbers, tillers, kitchen fitters, ceiling fixers, electricians, plasterers and car production engineers.

Learn At Your Speed
Our development programme is very flexible, enabling each recruit to progress at the speed that is best suited to him / her. The training covers a wide range of skills including refrigerant handling and brazing. Each trainee works as an Improver, alongside a fully trained engineer, for on the job experience and guidance.

TK Air Conditioning –  A Multi Skilled Team
Vacancies Leeds Training Development Bradford Air Conditioning Engineers Institute Nottingham Refrigeration RecruitmentThere are additional benefits to TK Air Conditioning from this development scheme.
We find that having engineers skilled in different trades frequently helps to maintain job continuity. This has benefited our retail clients in particular, where we are working in a trading shop and the upgrade process must not stall.

Institute of Refrigeration Engineers – Training Award
In September 2008, TK Air Conditioning received the Institute of Refrigeration Engineers North East Region Training Award, in recognition of the scheme’s success in attracting people into the air conditioning sector, to be trained as air conditioning contractors. See News Page.

Join TK Air Conditioning
If you are interested in joining TK Air Conditioning to pursue a career as an air conditioning contractors in locations including Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol, then please contact us. We have vacancies in our training programme for people qualified or trained in other disciplines and trades, to be trained as air conditioning engineers. You progress at your own pace in a training programme devised to meet your specific training needs.

We offer an excellent salary and bonus structure, designed to encourage teamwork and reward commitment and achievement.

In the first instance please e-mail office@tkac.co.uk, or send in a written application to one of our addresses on the Contact Page.

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