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Changes for a Better Environment

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The National Grid is all about transformers, with at least five transformers between a power station and a domestic user. This is due to the high voltage electrical current carried over large distances, and the smaller voltages needed in homes. High transmission voltages mean reduced losses from Joule heating.

Energy transfers that are intended include light being emitted from LEDs, batteries being charged and motors running. Some energy transfers however are unwanted but difficult to avoid. Energy transfers of this kind are called power losses, which typically appear as heat. Too much of this heat isn’t a good thing, even when it’s produced as a byproduct. through positive means, such as LED lighting or running motors. When delivering domestic energy a high transmission voltage is used to produce a weaker current, which causes less heating in the transmission cables.

Although transformers are very efficient, about 8.5% of all the electricity generated nationally was wasted in the grid and in distribution. Most of the transformers used in the UK system are over 50 years old, as they were installed in the 1960s. This means their efficiency was not up to scratch, compared to today’s standards. In some cases the inferior style of transformer was still being implemented. High quality and more efficient transformers needed to be manufactured and installed.

In recent site surveys by the National Grid, it was discovered that improvements and modifications were essential at over 140 UK sites. These upgrades have been ongoing, and technology from market leaders Mitsubishi Electric has featured strongly. The changes have produced many advantages including cost savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.

At Turn Key Air Conditioning, we are proud to be associated with Mitsubishi Electric, and continue to work together for a healthy environment and happy customers.

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