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Considering a Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVRF)?

If you’re thinking about a new heating and cooling system for your factory, hotel or other large premises, the Mitsubishi Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (or HVRF for short) is a good option to have on your shortlist. It’s jam packed with useful features – and you can find out more about them below.

Bespoke and customisable

Many people who operate variable refrigerant flow systems complain that they find it next to impossible to find a bespoke system which can be customised to the needs of the person installing it.

According to its manufacturer, Mitsubishi, this product has lots of different potential use cases. It’s been used in environments such as old people’s homes, for example, while it’s also been found in blocks of flats and educational establishments. It can also be used in offices.

In a time of increasingly unpredictable weather and temperatures, the Mitsubishi Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow is handy to have on side given that it can do the work of both a cooling system and a heating system. This zoning functionality means that you don’t need to have two separate systems in place to keep your environment at an optimum temperature; instead, you can rely on the Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow to do both. You can use it to heat and cool at the same time, too – so if you have one room that needs to be cold and another which needs to be warm, the zoning system can handle it with ease.

No refrigerant

But by far the most innovative aspect of the Mitsubishi Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow system is the fact that it doesn’t use refrigerant. This may come as a surprise to some, as the heating system market is structured largely around the use of refrigerants.

However, the unusual water-based system of this device means that you can get up and running by connecting it to either a water or air supply, and going from there. This removes the need to keep on updating the refrigerant during the lifetime of the system.

The Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow system is an excellent choice for those who are looking to go for a simultaneous cooling and heating system that brings the best of both worlds into one. With its innovative use of water rather than refrigerant, this is clearly a product that marks itself out from the norm.