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Belfast in Ireland is not one of the warmest places in the world, so the fact that the worlds first air conditioning system was installed there is somewhat unusual. The Royal Victoria Hospital was the recipient of this ground breaking innovation in1906, which functioned using the Plenum Chamber. Plenum technology is also implemented in the construction of hovercraft, steam engines and certain musical organs.

Despite the mild climate, the hospital designers and builders may perhaps have had some foresight, as the issue of climate control demonstrates. The need for more and more air conditioning systems is growing as the climate becomes warmer. The increasing discomfort when travelling on the London Underground in the summer months, is just one example.

Air conditioning systems have come a long way since 1906 with developments in all aspects and features. Extra factors have to be considered these days also, such as minimal installation and running costs. Another point is the importance of conforming to government legislation on emissions.

Turn Key Air Conditioning are specialist contractors who offer a comprehensive service from concept to conclusion, including survey, design and co-ordination for the building trade. Wherever possible TKAC design air conditioning systems while considering the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA), 100% tax allowance scheme. This excellent government scheme, rewards businesses who install highly energy efficient equipment, by allowing them to claim back the whole installation and associated works cost, against pre tax profits in the first year. TKAC strive to develop a unique plan for each project including consultation and even negotiation with local authorities.