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We have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, for several reasons including a market leading brand and high quality products. We also share the same fundamental belief in working towards a sustainable and efficient solution for customers. This along with ground breaking technological advancements are what take Mitsubishi Electric to another level.

The environmental outlook is pretty positive, as newly built homes are required to restrict the amount of carbon they may produce. Government regulations demand that planners must demonstrate a commitment towards green technology. A certain amount of this type of innovative, energy saving technology within a new build is compulsory before planning permission is granted.

In recent studies, 84% of new build houses achieved A and B energy efficiency ratings, an impressive figure in comparison to existing homes which stand at just 3%. This of course means money saved for the consumer as well as less carbon emissions. New construction methods and materials are making a big difference too with offsite manufacturing being embraced by many. This excellent process saves money, time and avoids inconvenience, as systems like air conditioning are manufactured and built in a factory setting. They are then assembled quickly and easily onsite giving effective results without disruption especially for hotels, restaurants etc.

Improved insulation, high performance double glazing and fuel efficient heating systems are playing their part also. Many systems feature air source heat pump technology, which harnesses natural energy to produce heat and hot water for homes and businesses. As the take up increases the price of these systems reduces, making them even more cost effective. It is easier to incorporate these cleaner systems into new developments, than to retrofit them, and developers are encouraged to take note. For real change these new technologies need to be embraced by politicians, architects and builders alike.

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