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Government Backed Renewable Energy Sources = Lower Fuel Bills

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TKACRising fuel costs seem to be a way of life these days, which is rather unfortunate as the unpredictable UK weather continues to tip either end of the scale. But rather than sit shivering with the heating permanently turned down to the lowest setting in the winter months, there are steps that the wise home-owner can take, in order to ensure comfort at a reasonable cost.

The UK government is committed to the promotion of renewable energy sources, as part of its obligation to meet its 2020 re-newable energy obligations with an agreed target of 750,000 renewable heating systems installed. A number of incentives have been piloted and introduced in recent years to encourage people to consider the option of producing their own energy. In November 2011, the government introduced a non-domestic renewable heat incentive [rhi], in which rates for technologies with the lowest take up were under review. This renewable heat Premium Payment scheme is scheduled to finish in spring 2014, when a replacement domestic rhi will come into play.

Domestic renewable heat incentives will be available to owners of single dwellings that have undergone a green deal assessment and had their insulation brought up to date. This applies whether it is the owners first or second home, or a tenant occupied property, with financial support being offered for seven years at a set rate per unit of renewable heat .

Anybody interested in being paid for the heat they generate, should commission a green deal assessment to be completed in good time for any works to be carried out

The generation methods and rates payable look like this :–

Air Source Heat Pump 7. 3

Biomass 12. 2

Ground Source 18. 8

Solar Thermal Heat Pump 19.21

(p/kwh renewable heat)

All owners of residential properties should consider these government backed measures, in order to reduce not only their fuel bills, but their carbon footprint.

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