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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pump Technology for a Sustainable Solution

Ground Source Heat PumpsHeat pump technology has been playing a huge part in the race for a more eco-friendly environment. The UK was the first major economy to introduce laws to reduce the effects of global warming. All greenhouse gas emissions must be lowered to net zero by 2050, and the government has put in place a modern industrial strategy. Emissions have already been reduced by 42%, despite the economy growing by 72%. As a result, jobs in sustainable industries or ‘green collar jobs’ could grow to 2 million, and exports from this low carbon economy could rise in value to £170 billion a year.

Many changes have already been implemented in line with these targets, including rules about the energy performance of buildings. There have also been developments in the CO₂ emissions of cars, the energy consumption of electrical appliances and the electricity market.

Green Technology from Natural Sources

As mentioned earlier, green technology has already been a game changer, with innovations such as ground and air source heat pumps. Wind and solar power, electric vehicles and recycling all contribute towards a cleaner planet. At Turn Key Air Conditioning, we are committed to offering our customers some of the most efficient and affordable green technology out there. Ground Source Heat Pump [GSHP] technology is one of the most popular ways to extract and use natural power. The ground our buildings stand on acts as a store for heat energy, which can be utilised.

GSHPs can be used to heat a home in winter, as well as cooling it in summer, as heat is allowed to escape down into the ground.

Domestic & Commercial Carbon Free Heating & Cooling

These GSHPs provide a way to heat buildings that is clean and free from carbon emissions of any kind. They use solar energy stored in the ground with extremely energy efficient results. These pumps are suitable for use in most buildings, and perfect for projects aiming to deliver a low environmental impact. Particularly helpful with new builds, as there are government regulations relating to the amount of green technology proposed. Planning permission will only be granted, where a significant amount of sustainable technology and systems are intended for integration into the new build.

Ground source heat pumps work best with optimised heating systems which run at a lower water delivery temperature than is normally used in radiator systems. This means they are ideal for underfloor heating systems.

Ecodan Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps from Mitsubishi

GSHPs are installed using shallow trenches or boreholes and a closed loop of heat collecting pipes [with a small amount of antifreeze]. Sometimes heat is taken from ponds, lakes or the sea. The pipes collect this stored energy, which is then used to provide heating and hot water. During the summer, the process can be reversed in order to cool the surroundings. These pumps use a certain amount of electricity to power the compressor and circulation pumps.

A high quality Ground Source Heat Pump such as the Ecodan CRHV Monobloc Ground / Water Source Heat Pump System from Mitsubishi, offers amazing performance. It can deliver three or four times as much thermal energy (heat) as it uses in electrical energy to drive the system. This form of green energy has been widely used for many years across North America, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Although they cost slightly more to install than other system types, they are low maintenance and bring clean, safe and energy efficient heating for many many years.

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