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Heat Pump Innovations

Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps for ‘Green’ Heating & Hot Water, Energy Efficient Alternative to Fossil Fuels

The Climate Change Act, is a long-term, legally binding framework intended to cut carbon emissions and have a legal adaptation process. It was initiated in the UK in 2008, and its target is to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. There is also a wider commitment by many other nations including members of the EU and China to tackle climate change. But according to the Climate Change Committee, there needs to be more action and not simply legislation. They say that ‘Change will involve a combination of new technologies, processes and human behaviour’.

Acting now to tackle climate change would have a number of benefits including:

  • Lower effects of climate change such as less risk of UK floods
  • Reduced exposure to rising food prices
  • Less migration as a result of disaster or conflict.
  • Improvements to health and cost savings for the NHS
  • A healthy natural environment with increased greenspace
  • Better air quality and less noise
  • Investment in low-carbon technologies and adapted goods and services putting the UK at the forefront of new and expanding global markets
  • More opportunities for UK businesses regarding zero-carbon technology
  • Reduced costs and charges associated with producing emissions

Many of the measures being put in place to reduce carbon emissions are ‘low-regret’. This means it makes sense to carry out the changes even if climate change was not an issue. The measures have a host of sustainable benefits for us all such as limiting water usage, protecting wildlife habitats and increasing space in an urban environment.

The actions we are forced to take out of necessity, are generally positive moves for the planet and everyone in it. Technologies such as Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps are changing the energy landscape by providing sustainable heat and hot water. The government has been making efforts to encourage people to invest in these green energy systems. Green District Heating schemes are having a great impact with the arrival of super-sized heat pumps. These innovative systems can heat thousands of properties from a central source, negating the need for fossil fuels.


Warmer Homes & Cheaper Fuel Bills with Heat Pumps, Tackling Climate Change with Sustainable Solutions