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HEAT₂O™: what are its features?

If you’re considering a new heat pump water heater, the Mitsubishi HEAT₂O™ might well be what you need for your business premises.

Flexible and versatile

The HEAT₂O™ from Mitsubishi is suitable for a whole host of climates. Whether you’re operating in an area that’s known for its warmth or whether it’s cold all year round, you can get your hot water from this device no matter what. It can cope with outside temperatures that are as low as -13° F.

It’s designed in particular for commercial facilities rather than residential ones, making it ideal for factories, building sites and elsewhere.

What are its features?

The HEAT₂O™ comes with a whole host of features that you can rely on. One of these is its twisted spiral gas cooler, which is a patented feature located right in the middle of the device. It is designed to boost the heat transfer level by connecting the different pipes and tubes which carry the natural refrigerant substance.

And when it comes to heating, it’s definitely a strong performance. It can heat water to the 176° F level, which makes it ideal for robust use cases.

Thinking of the environment

In this age of climate uncertainty, it’s never been more important for users of equipment like this to think about the impact that their kit has on the environment.

The good news for those considering the HEAT₂O™ is that it’s very environmentally friendly. Unlike some other products on the market, it has a natural carbon dioxide refrigerant – and it also comes with an ozone depletion potential (or ODP for short) level of nil. This means that you can install it in your premises

And this brings with it an impact on the bottom line, too. The environmentally friendly nature of the kit means that it’s highly energy efficient, too – so you won’t have to shell out too much. In this time of high energy bills, this efficiency couldn’t be better timed. In full, its efficiency level sits at a co-efficient of performance of around 4.52.

In short, the HEAT₂O™ is a top quality product for a host of reasons. Whether that’s its highly ranked environmental efficiency or simply its ability to be used in a number of different use cases, it’s full of flexibility.