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HFC’s are to be Phased out Globally

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canalWhen scientists discovered that the ozone layer was being depleted by CFC’s, they were banned globally. This process caused a bit of an upheaval as they were used extensively within the domestic, commercial and industrial world. The offending greenhouse gas, was a refrigerant, widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration, which although functional, was identified as a major concern in relation to a huge hole which had appeared in the ozone layer over Antarctica. A satisfactory replacement had to be found, which would be less damaging to the environment, while performing equally well.

The solution to this dilemma were HFC’s, a seemingly acceptable alternative to CFC’s, but while they did help to reduce the ongoing damage caused by the former greenhouse gases, they recently became part of the problem, and have now themselves been banned. According to an agreement reached and signed by 170 nations, HFC’s are to be phased out by the middle of this century. HFC’s emit as much pollution as 300 coal fired power plants, making them more troublesome than carbon dioxide,10,000 times more in fact!

The negotiations in Kigali, Rwanda determined that reduction of HFC’s would commence in the year 2019. One of the biggest polluters is the US, coming second only to China, who intend to begin their reduction measures in 2024.Pakistan, India and some Gulf states have expressed a desire to start even later in 2028. This is mostly due to the state of their present economies, and the potential effect any requirement for new technology may have on them. Experts believe some of these worries to be a little unwarranted, as it is likely that prices of alternative technology will probably fall. Air conditioning has become incredibly popular in China and India over the last decade and can be found in numerous homes, offices and cars, making life easier.

It may seem inconvenient to keep changing things just when they have become established, but it may be a necessary evil if we want a clean and healthy environment. New technologies are permanently in the process of development which raises the bar to optimistic new levels.

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