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Home Heating – Air Source Heat Pumps

When heating a home there are more options these days than traditional boiler systems which can be expensive and unreliable. Air source heat pumps can provide a much needed answer to the question of energy efficiency, saving money and reducing a homes carbon footprint. The process of converting energy from the air into heat for the home, is achieved using a box attached to the outside wall. This box harvests low grade renewable energy from the atmosphere and transforms it into heat for hot water and heating. The Ecodan air source heat pump system continues to work efficiently all year around, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25c. Developed by Mitsubishi for use in the commercial sector this technology has been honed and refined for domestic use. Working in a similar way to a domestic refrigerator, the air source heat pump uses a vapour compression cycle to deliver hot water for traditional radiators or underfloor heating systems. The fact that 1kW of electricity will produce at least 3kW of heating energy makes it a very attractive proposition.

Not only does the Ecodan system have automatic temperature control using a variable flow heat pump, increasing efficiency, a steadier output is also achieved lowering CO2 emissions. This simple to install and run system is highly efficient and cost effective. Suitable for any size of house or property the Ecodan air source heat pump is accredited for the Governments Micro-generation Certification Scheme.

At Turn Key Air Conditioning [TKAC] we are experienced installers of Ecodan air source heat pump systems and commercial building heating systems. TKAC can also provide off site manufacturing with its many advantages and our website features a client area, where information about product specifications and advice on things like health and safety can be accessed.