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Hotel Air Conditioning – Design, Installation & Maintenance

There was a time – and perhaps not so long ago – when air conditioning had two simple settings: on and off. Those days have long gone and for Turn Key Air Conditioning and our clients, air conditioning is far more effective than simply reducing the ambient air temperature.

TKAC design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for many environments. We work in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors, creating bespoke air conditioning and heating systems for shops and shopping centres, offices and office blocks, bars, restaurants and leisure centres.

Over the years we have developed something of a specialism in air conditioning and heat recovery systems for hotels and hotel groups.

In many ways air conditioning for hotels provides the greatest challenge. In an ideal world, air conditioning in a hotel would allow individual close temperature control for a hundred or more guest bedrooms. In an ideal world, different and controllable temperature settings would be available in the hotel restaurants, bars, foyers and public spaces. In an ideal world, air conditioning would match the needs of the hotel leisure facilities.

Turn Key Air Conditioning have the skills, the experience and the technology to create that ideal world.

The Melcotel air conditioning controller from Mitsubishi has been designed specifically for hotels. Working with key card or non-key card systems, Melcotel gives guests the ability to choose the temperature of their room but detects when a room is unoccupied to restore it to it’s most energy efficient temperature setting. Melcotel can be linked to hotel windows, automatically turning off the air conditioning when the window is open. Combined with a heat recovery systems, our clients have enjoyed massive reductions in energy consumption  while responding to the needs of every guest.

TKAC are able to retro fit air conditioning – including the Melcotel operating system – in established hotels, and with our innovative off-site manufacture techniques Turn Key AC are able to install air conditioning without affecting the day to day running of the hotel.

For more information on air conditioning in hotels – including examples of recent projects – visit out website at www.tkac.co.uk

Hotel Air Conditioning – Design, Installation & Maintenance