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It’s ‘All Change’ for the RHI

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image by Sue Gordon

The Proposals
The latest announcement regarding the reorganisation proposals for the Renewable Heat Incentive has caused a few jaws to drop! A list of proposed changes and cost cutting adjustments includes ending support for new Solar Thermal systems from spring 2017. This shift is likely to cause a bit of a stampede amongst those wishing to benefit from the scheme before it disappears. The revision proposed by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), will also see a 98% reduction in the deployment of non-domestic biomass boilers. A technology that has had some notable success so far, and which has assisted with working towards the delivery of the legally binding renewable heat target. There are some serious concerns amongst many, about the proposed reforms and how they will negatively impact the UK’s self imposed target of generating 12% renewable heat by 2020. DECC asserts that a negative impact is unlikely to be the case and that the opposite is in fact likely, with the reforms helping to build sustainable markets and support the right renewable heating technologies for the right uses.

Air Source Heat Pumps
There are however some positive elements included in the consultation document for those considering Air Source Heat Pump [ASHP] technology for their home or business. It recommends increasing support for these renewable energy systems by 28 – 34%, which have now overtaken solar PV as the most requested renewable installation. Air Source Heat Pump tariffs will be raised from 7.42p to between 9.5 and 10p. This official recommendation is proof positive that ASHP technology is working, and that this type of system is being widely accepted as a viable option. The government are recognising that more people are wanting clean, economical and environmentally friendly solutions to their home heating and hot water needs.

The requirement for a Green Deal Advice Report for RHI has been abandoned, and there are other efforts within the consultation to help those less able to access and pay for renewable energy systems and installations. The game changing revelations have only just emerged and are still being processed in people’s minds, it will be interesting to see how things develop!

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