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Mitsubishi Heat20 – A Green Solution for Commercial Water Heating

Energy Efficient Technology and Reduced Carbon Emissions

Mitsubishi Electric are dedicated to continual research and development of technology and products that provide outstanding, next generation green solutions. Advances are being made within every industry to address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. In multi occupancy buildings, domestic hot water is responsible for around 25% of the property’s annual energy usage. This is not only costly for the owners of these buildings, but contributes significantly to global warming.

The construction industry has been under pressure to provide more energy efficient solutions when it comes to things like heating and hot water in commercial spaces. In their usual innovative way, Mitsubishi Electric came up with a revolutionary answer to sustainable water heating.

Viable and Effective Replacement for Fossil Fuel Heaters

The Heat2O electric heat pump water heater is designed to produce high volume domestic hot water for commercial facilities in all weather conditions. It is environmentally friendly and exceptionally energy efficient using a natural CO2 refrigerant. With a global warming potential (GWP) of one and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero, it is fully customisable. This means that this green technology is ideal for a variety of applications including offices, gyms, hotels, hospitals, educational facilities and multi-occupancy buildings. Having this sort of sustainable technology in place means that these buildings may apply for sustainable certifications and even achieve zero-energy and passive house status.

Environmentally conscious engineering means energy savings of over 70% for building owners, and reliable hot water for tenants and occupants. Heat pumps are now accepted as a viable decarbonisation replacement for heaters that use fossil fuels.

Hot Water Whatever the Weather for Hospitals, Hotels, Offices and Multi Occupancy Buildings

Hot Water - Mitsubishi Heat20

The benefits of Heat2O include an extremely high performance design which allows the system to operate perfectly even in winter. Water with temperatures up to 176°F (80°C) is consistently produced, even if outdoor temperatures plunge to -13F (-25C). This ability is made possible by the system’s flash injection technology. The modular design means that up to 16 units may be combined, allowing capacities of between 40kW and 640kW.

The intelligent system recharges hot water storage tanks during low demand, so they’re ready for peak demand. The particular ebb and flow pattern of each property dictates how the system operates. This achieves a uniquely bespoke solution to the hot water needs of each building however large.

Patented Spiral Heat Exchangers for a Bespoke Solution

The gas cooler within each unit has six spiral heat exchangers with a patented technology to maximize heat transfer. Explaining about the spiral heat exchangers, Mitsubishi Electric says that: “three connected refrigerant pipes are wound around the twisted water pipe, which maximizes heat transfer. “The continuous spiral grooves in the twisted pipe accelerates the turbulence effect of water and also helps to reduce pressure loss within the heat exchanger which contribute to enhance efficiency.”

The Heat20 also has built-in controls and utilises variable speed compressors. This makes it capable of responding to demand, and reducing stress on electrical grids during peak hours. This innovative product offers a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4.52, which means it can deliver over four times more energy as heat than it uses in electricity.