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Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partners

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner

Energy Efficient & Economical Systems

Here at Turn Key Air Conditioning, we continually strive to meet the high standards of our customers. To achieve this we stay ahead of the game when it comes to state of the art design and technology. We deal with only the most reputable, world renowned manufacturers, such as market leading Mitsubishi Electric. As a Business Solutions Partner [BSP], we have been totally committed to bringing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. This has of course been helped by the outstanding quality and ethics provided by this exceptional manufacturer.

Raising Industry Standards

The team at Turn Key are delighted and proud to have received Diamond Quality Partner [DQP] status. Mitsubishi Electric created this advanced classification in an effort to raise standards of excellence within the HVAC industry. Gaining this recognition is a major step, and indicates specialist knowledge and the skill to deliver an over and above service. Partnering with Mitsubishi Electric benefits all parties, as we know that products supplied by this manufacturer are the best available featuring precision engineering. Mitsubishi Electric continually receive coveted industry awards for their HVAC products and systems. By the same token, these manufacturers are assured that we bring reliable skills and expertise.

Only companies who practice the most exacting standards are considered for Diamond Quality Partner status. Through this endorsement, the partner program seeks to maximise mutual opportunity, with associated catchwords being Growth, Trust and Support.

Advanced HVAC Design & Technology Accredited Installers

Advanced HVAC Design & Technology Accredited InstallersOur customers will enjoy the biggest benefits of this partnership though, as they can be sure they are receiving a thoroughly professional and validated service. Diamond Quality Partners face strict, official inspection and auditing twice a year by independent experts. This is completely different from some organisations which simply take a yearly fee from companies who are then able to display their membership.

We have always been happy to partner with industry pioneers Mitsubishi Electric, as they have an impressive determination to actively push the boundaries. They have for many years been at the forefront of many advanced and innovative technologies, and are regarded as leaders in their field.

Customer Focussed, Innovative & Sustainable Systems

Turn Key Air Conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric share a set of important values, apart from uncompromising customer service and the supply of unequalled products. A major priority for all concerned is protection of the environment, and limitation of our impact on the world around us. Mitsubishi Electric have an unblemished record when it comes to sustainable technology which fully meets the needs of customers. This focussed approach has resulted in many accolades from organisations within the industry.

Mitsubishi Electrics’s Diamond Quality partnerships are based on technology, refinement and performance, meeting high demands in a climate of maximum energy efficiency requirements. Businesses associated with Mitsubishi Electric can be sure they are offering the most advanced, efficient and economical HVAC systems possible.

Health & Safety Standards

Along with technological standards which excel, partners of Mitsubishi Electric must display a dedication to issues of Health and Safety. They are also required to have an awareness of, and adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. These are just two of the areas in which Turn Key Air Conditioning have an impressive record.