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Renewable Energy – Air Source Heat Pumps

‘Heat Pumps are the Future’

Renewable Energy - Air Source Heat PumpsOne of the most vital technologies in the battle to reduce carbon emissions, are Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP’s], according to The Climate Change Committee [CCC]. There is a feeling among experts, that the change to more sustainable forms of energy production must be carried out as fast as possible. The CCC states in its 2016 report entitled ‘Next Steps for Heat’, that government policies regarding renewable energy, need to be significantly strengthened during the coming decade. The report emphasises that widespread integration of low carbon heat producing options cannot wait until the 2030’s.

The recommendation is for all new homes to be designed for low carbon heating systems, a concept which is already in force and being implemented by architects and the construction industry. There are expected to be 200,000 ASHP installations carried out between 2015 and 2020, most of which will qualify for schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy Targets

The National Grid also supports the theory that increased use of ASHP’s will benefit efforts to reduce negative environmental effects. They maintain that in order to deliver on the 2020 renewable energy targets, it is imperative that take up of ASHP’s increases substantially. The Climate Change Act mandates emissions cuts of 80% by 2050, and these EU targets are still legally binding despite Brexit.

New build homes are only given planning permission where it can be demonstrated that uncompromising efforts to satisfy green guidelines, have been made during the design.

Cost Effective Home Heating Systems

Of course Air Source Heat Pumps also offer a cost effective way of heating the home, drawing on air from outside to heat water, radiators and underfloor heating within the home. This is possible even when the temperature outdoors is extremely low.

The Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] is part of the strategy to encourage take up of this form of green energy, and the Minister involved in promotion of the scheme, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, spoke about this in a recent speech at the Policy Exchange. She said; “The public cares a lot about having homes which are warm. We all like to be comfortable. More than that, a warm home provides important health benefits, especially for the most vulnerable in our society”. She went on to say; “Today, I am launching improvements to the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme that will do more to encourage households and businesses to install electric heat pumps”

Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pump Technology

The key to this type of technology is renewable energy, meaning energy drawn from sources like wind, water or the sun. Although heat pumps do in fact use some electricity or gas to provide motive force, they are exceptionally environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional forms of energy sourced from fossil fuels. They produce much more energy than they use with over 100% efficiency, due to the fact that they convey and upgrade existing heat as opposed to creating it.

Professionally designed and installed ASHP’s provide heat while causing less impact to the environment, a definite advantage where climate change is concerned. At Turn Key, we install only the highest quality systems from reputable manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric. Their Ecodan range has gained a reputation for reliability, efficiency and state of the art design. These ASHP’s are perfect for just about any new build home, whatever it’s size, and are also popular due to their extremely low noise levels.