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Mitsubishi’s I.T. Cooling device: what’s it all about?

The I.T. Cooling device from Mitsubishi is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a precise air conditioning unit to enhance the temperature control in an environment in which there is a lot of computer or other technology being used.

If you manage a building in which there is significant I.T. equipment in constant use, you’ll no doubt be aware that heat is a common by-product. It can also be dangerous, too, for a variety of reasons – so it’s important to keep your I.T. spaces cooled down. The Mitsubishi I.T. Cooling device is perfect for giving your rooms this potential – and here’s why.

Useful technology

This device is why’s known as a “split cooling” package, which means that it bring the best of both outdoor and indoor air conditioning technology into the same device.

On the indoor side of things, the device uses cutting edge s-MEXT technology – which works in harmony with the outdoor side, which is known as a P-Series outdoor unit. This creates an inverter split, which is a high end system designed to bring down the temperature within your I.T. office, plant room or station.

Simple to use

If you’re an I.T. technician or manager, you’ll be acutely aware of how much time it can take to maintain kit and keep it running properly. The ease with which Mitsubishi’s I.T. Cooling device can be maintained is strong; it comes with an in-built fan and panel which are both easy to access, while the air filters can be washed.

What’s more, the device also comes with fan motors which don’t need to be looked after by the owner of the device.

Alerting you

Finally, you can rest assured that the kit will put safety first thanks to its extensive security apparatus. It comes with an alarm system designed to indicate if airflow loss is a risk, for example, while it can also shut itself off from the power in the event of a fire alarm going off.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why the Mitsubishi I.T. Cooling device is such a good choice for the world of I.T. building space management. With s-MEXT-US technology integrated to the device, you can rely on top standards to keep your kit and I.T. rooms cool and operating normally.