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Newgate Air Systems – Fume Extraction & Dust Collection

Newgate Air Systems is a UK company with an international reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of air cleaning systems for industry.

Many industrial activities produce dust and fumes as an unwelcome and hazardous side effect. UK and European legislation covers the extraction and collection of toxic gases and particles for reasons of both health & safety in the workplace and for wider environmental concerns.

Newgate Air Systems work with car manufacturers and repair centres, phramaceutical companies, petro-chemical industries, workshops, factories and many and various other clients. They manufacture and install inividually designed fume extraction units and dust collection systems ensuring customers always get the most efficient and cost-effective clean air system on the market.

Over the years Newgate Air Systems have developed an expertise in developing multiple extraction techniques for customers with simultaneous gas, fume and particle emission problems. A simple example of this would be a car repair centre and spray shop which needs to remove exhaust gases from the work areas and paint spray particles from spray areas or booths.

Recent ‘clean air’ projects have included welding fume extraction for a sheet metal fabication company, the installation of fume hoods and fume cupboards for a pharmaceutical laboratory, a point of source exttaction system for a car manufacturer, a woodworking dust and extraction unit for a joinery workshop, and combined fume & oil mist extraction system for a chemical engineering firm.

For more information on the range of services available from Newgate Air Systems check out the NAS page on our website or visit Newgate Air Sytems at http://www.newgateair.co.uk/index.html

 Newgate Air Systems – Fume Extraction & Dust Collection