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Off-site manufacturing – cost-effective and practical

TKAC recently installed 19 condensors in a restricted space on a hotel roof in under 5 hours without disturbing a single guest. (See video here.)

You wouldn’t buy a new PC and have it assembled in you home. You wouldn’t buy a washing machine and wait another two hours while the engineer installs the motherboard and the drum. You wouldn’t buy a wardrobe and spend the next four hours sweating and swearing as we try to attach rod A into panel B… Maybe you would with the last one but every time you do you promise yourself you will never do it again.

For your convenience, your safety and for minimum disruption what you want is for the products and services you have commissioned to be delivered complete and ready to go.

TKAC know that off-site manufacturing has many benefits for the customer.

  • Less disruption as only the final stage of installation occurs on site.
  • More than 70% of the preparation work is done before the condensors have been delivered to the site.
  • Easier more effiicent power connection.
  • Less time work at height and all round improved safe-working practices.
  • Refrigerants and other materials delivered externally by crane.
  • Less accidental damage from other builders and contractors working in the same space.

And all the savings are passed on to the customer.

TK Air Conditioning has used this off site manufacturing process on a number of recent assignments. To see examples please visit our Projects Page.

Of course TK Air Conditioning know that every single job is different. Call us now to discuss your project requirements.