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Offsite Manufacture Benefits

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Offsite Manufacturing

The concept of offsite construction has really taken off in the UK over the last few years. It is set to become even more popular with the construction industry picking up. ‘Inside Housing’ magazine, conducted a survey in 2020 with some figures on the increase of offsite construction. It stated that over the next three years, 56.8% of 22,544 homes planned by 17 of the UK’s largest housing associations will use offsite methods. This includes timber frame and modular construction, and demonstrates innovation within the sector.

In the past this type of construction has been associated with student accommodation and affordable housing, although it is now spreading to other areas. The iconic Leadenhall Building in London was 85% manufactured offsite. Also the new T2A terminal at Heathrow airport has a deployment of modular M&E. The use of offsite manufacturing in this instance has saved a million onsite working hours. The process is not only incredibly fast and cost effective, but minimises on-site disruption, and provides a safer, more sustainable working environment.

The benefits of using offsite methods [which in reality have been around since Roman times] are numerous. The time of the project from start to completion is typically reduced by up to 50% with many obvious benefits. Less disruption is a big advantage especially where the project is for hospitals, schools etc. The factory construction aspect, can go ahead at the same time as the site preparation, providing speedier results and less waste. Working in enclosed factory surroundings means that the weather doesn’t have to be factored in either.

All of these aspects also result in less build defects, which is another huge advantage as money is not spent on needless repairs and increased energy use. Many construction and engineering companies are incorporating offsite manufacture into what they offer. This includes Turn Key Air Conditioning, as we recognised the possibilities of this ground breaking concept quite early on.


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