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Our New Customer Interface App

Air Conditioning & Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance, Customer Interface App


Customer Interface AppOver a third of Earth’s population have an iphone, ipad or android phone, allowing ways of communication that could only be dreamed of a few decades ago. In 2021, 48.20% of people [or 3.8 billion] use a smart phone, and an increasing amount are choosing to. As mobile phones become more technically advanced, they are becoming the preferred choice over computers and laptops.

What are the Advantages of Apps?

These developments offer many advantages for businesses and customers alike, especially with the introduction of Apps. Most people already use Apps on a regular basis such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Studies show that users prefer to use company Apps over websites, as they offer a seamless user experience. An App can create a more tailored service depending on the persons location, interests, usage behaviour etc. Things like geography specific content can be very helpful when out and about, giving faster results. Receiving important notifications is another reason for the popularity of Apps.

The results of a study by eMarketer found that users spend more than 90% of their mobile time on Apps as opposed to mobile websites. At Turn Key Air Conditioning, we are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of our customers. This is why we have developed an extremely user friendly App, which will provide many benefits for our customers.

The App will enable us to monitor our service progress with each customer, particularly helpful where a customer has several sites. We can check the location of our engineers and the estimated completion time of the work. Any parts that are required can be ordered swiftly without delay. Any compliance actions due are flagged up, and can be dealt with promptly for piece of mind. Of course all customer data is safe and protected using state of the art server systems. Read more about our user friendly App here.


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