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The latest Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP’s] from Mitsubishi Electric are pretty ground breaking, and provide cost effective heating and hot water to homes and businesses all year round. They also offer the perfect low carbon oil alternative, in areas which are off grid. With a typical lifespan of 15-20 years, they perform exceptionally well, even in extremely cold temperatures.

ASHP systems are particularly recommended for use in new build properties that can be purpose designed for a seamless installation. They are at their most effective when the building itself has a high level of thermal efficiency. They also function well in older buildings, although it is wise to carry out some basic improvements to assure this, such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and high quality double glazing. These are improvements that every home should already have in place, especially structures of a certain age.

Ecodan ASHP’s qualify for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme [MCS], and the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI], both government schemes which aim to promote usage of renewable energy. Take up of this form of green energy is encouraged as it is widely believed to reduce the effects of climate change. Due to their low carbon nature, those who install heating systems such as Ecodan ASHP’s, can benefit from a reduction in the rate of VAT to 5% on capital and installation costs. VAT is reduced to nil for renewable technologies applied to new build properties.

Mitsubishi Electric recommend that their leading Ecodan ASHP’s are bought and installed through one of their partners such as Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric’s heating partners are the preferred choice as they have attended the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan training days, and meet all the required criteria. Call us on 0191 438 7410.

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