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R22 Refrigerant Replacement

 R22 Air Conditioning refrigerant will be banned from use completely in Jan 2015 – just over 2 years time. Alternatives to R22 are available, well known ones being R422D and R427A. These replacement fluids are dropped into the air conditioning system as a replacement for the R22. Whilst these refrigerants appear on the surface to be a quick and simple solution, longer term this may well not be the case.

There are some significant issues with using Drop-In refrigerants. They have different pressure-temperature characteristics to R22 which can confuse the air conditioning unit’s embedded system software, resulting in incorrect pressure/temperature readings. These products could potentially create instability in the air conditioning system, which can cause deterioration of many parts within the system. This in turn could result in catastrophic system failure such as compressor burnout. The risks of using Drop In R22 replacement products include:

  • Suboptimal air conditioning system performance
  • Poor frost/defrost
  • Creation of dew condensation and dew spray
  • Corrosion risks & leakages
  • Compressor failure

R22 System Replacement

Rather than simply using the Drop In refrigerants, another option is to replace the air conditioning system. Here there are two options regarding R22 air conditioning system replacement – full or part replacement. To fully replace a system, all air conditioning equipment and component parts must be replaced. Alternatively, Mitsubishi Electric’s Replace Technology enables partial replacement. Whilst the air conditioning equipment is replaced, the existing pipework and electrical system is left in place. See Replace Technology for details.

TK Air Conditioning R22 replacement is now in full swing.

TK Air Conditioning now has large scale R22 replacement programmes in place for many of our major clients such as Whitbread plc, W Hills and JD Sports (Bank Fashion). These groups have large estates and so for orderly resource allocation a long term programme has been devised.

There is serious concern in the air conditioning industry that many small businesses such as corner shops have no plan in place and there are fears of a stampede in the last year pre the outright ban of R22. Our advice is to act now and avoid the cost, disruption and inconvenience of a panic replacement at the last moment. Call us now on 0191 438 7410 to find out how we can help.