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F-Gas Regulations

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Contractors - NewcastleEU regulations regarding fluorinated greenhouse gases came into effect in 2007. The objective is to reduce emissions of f-gasses as required by the Kyoto Protocol. This affects the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, as refrigerant is classified as an F-Gas. Air conditioning users are now required to take measures to reduce the amount of refrigerant leaked to atmosphere.

F-Gas – air conditioning owners responsibilities

The F-Gas regulations place duties upon the owners of air conditioning equipment to maintain and utilise their air conditioning equipment in a manner that minimises the risk of F-Gas leakage.

F-Gas – periodic leakage testing

Specifically, owners are required to know the types and volumes of refrigerant on their sites and depending on the volume, they are required to perform periodic leakage tests to help minimise leakage. Slow leakage of refrigerant can often go unnoticed as it is only when substantial leakage has occurred that it will noticeably affect the functioning of the air conditioning equipment.

Turn Key Air Conditioning F-Gas policy

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Contractors - NewcastleTurn Key Air Conditioning make all of its air conditioning maintenance customers aware of the requirements of the F-Gas Regulations and is an F-Gas Certified Company.

Logging the type and volume of refrigerant on site is built into our air conditioning service sheets. Thus the awareness of f-gas type and volume is generated for our clients as a free service.

F-Gas leak periodic testing

We undertake F-Gas leak testing as part of our air conditioning equipment service routine.

Call us for more info on F-Gas on 0191 438 7410.

If you have air conditioning equipment on your site and you are not aware of your responsibilities under the F-Gas Regulations then you are probably in one of these two situations:-

  1. Your air conditioning equipment is not currently being serviced, or
  2. Your air conditioning equipment is being serviced, but your existing contractor has not informed you of your responsibilities.

In either case, we suggest you call us now on 0191 438 7410 to discuss how we can help you.

For further information on F-Gas Legislation Background please see F-Gas Background.

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