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In addition to our air conditioning installations, TKAC offers a nationwide Maintenance & Service facility.

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Nationwide

Air Conditioning Contractors NewcastleWe have structured our business to provide a network of bases enabling us to provide air conditioning maintenance and servicing to all UK locations. We offer very attractive planned maintenance packages, which can minimise downtime and seriously reduce the costs of service call outs. Please call us now to discuss your maintenance needs on 01302 719433.

UK Maintenance & Service Coverage

Turn Key Air Conditioning has regional offices in Newcastle, Doncaster, Birmingham and London. We also have service bases in Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, Fort William, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Limavady (N Ireland), St Helier (Jersey) and Douglas (Isle of Man).

UK Maintenance & Service Coverage

Technical Service Response to Customer Calls

The nature of our air conditioning service business is very different to maintenance. Maintenance is very process driven, where detailed organisation minimises the costs for TKAC, and the customer.

By contrast, service is a very responsive activity, a customer calls with a problem – and they need a quick solution. For this reason, our service hub is staffed by technical personnel. They can immediately grasp the issue concerning the customer and begin to map out the solution. Quite often we can suggest the solution over the phone, avoiding the cost of an emergency site visit. Alternatively, we can sometimes suggest a temporary holding situation, where a course of action will alleviate the problem, enabling the service visit to be planned in, minimizing customer expense.
All of our service vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers, so we know in real time which of our engineers is nearest to the customer requiring a service visit.

Maintenance & Service

TK Air Conditioning select air conditioning equipment from the major worldwide manufactures – Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin. This equipment is covered by a 5 year warranty, if it is installed and properly maintained by approved contractors.

Enhanced Installation Warranty

Maintenance & ServiceTK Air Conditioning offers you a 5 year enhanced installation warranty on its air conditioning installations. Via this initiative, the customer’s only maintenance outlay is the cost of the routine maintenance – which is essential in any event, in order to retain the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The TKAC enhanced installation warranty is proving to be very popular with our customers on two counts:

  1. They know that their air conditioning systems are fully covered for both parts and labour for 5 years, thus no costs to be incurred here.
  2. The enhanced maintenance warranty comes at no extra cost, with a regular maintenance contract. The cost of the maintenance contract is predictable, and so can be easily budgeted.

TK Air Conditioning Enhanced Installation Warranty – Quotation

If you would like a quotation for our enhanced installation warranty, or any air conditioning service or maintenance, please call us on 0191 438 7410.