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TK Air Conditioning – Off Site Manufacture Initiative

Air Conditioning System Offsite Manufacturing ProcessOffsite manufacture is becoming an increasingly popular request to contractors such as TK Air Conditioning. End clients and many building contractors are evaluating the construction process and identifying opportunities to eliminate cost or safety hazards – or preferably both! Certain clients are even stipulating that a certain percentage of the work on a contract must be completed off their site.

TK Air Conditioning has responded to this initiative in a very creative, innovative way.

Air Conditioning Condensers – Rooftop Location

On large scale projects, air conditioning condensers are frequently located on the roof of a building. The builders will construct plinths on the roof on which the condensers will be erected. Once in situ, work commences on integrating the condensers into the air conditioning system.

To meet client requests, TK Air Conditioning are able to apply a far safer, quicker and low cost process to modulise external plant onto skids comprising up to 20 condenser units.  The normal process would then be to wire in a separate power source for each of the  condensers. Instead, we locate a sub distribution board on the end of the skid. When the skid is craned and located on site, the electrical contractor then needs to connect up only one power source per skid, saving the attendant cost, time and risk. The condensers are pre- piped, leaving a  minimum of connection work required on site.

Off Site Manufacture – TK Air Conditioning Client Benefits

This off site manufacturing process offers numerous benefits for the TK Air Conditioning client:-

  • Much faster, lower cost electrical connection.
  • Less time spent working at height, as 75 – 80% of the work normally done on the roof is done before the condensers are delivered to site. This reduces the potential for an accident and is proving to be a major attraction to site safety officers.
  • Refrigerants and other materials are sent up on the crane, as opposed to using the building’s lift. Thus inconvenience and disruption is minimised.
  • The cost of constructing the roof plinth for the condensers is eliminated. The structural engineer gives TK Air Conditioning the maximum permissible loading for the roof and we locate the skids direct onto the paving slabs, ensuring the footprint is within the stipulated maximum loading.
  • Equipment damage is greatly reduced. Builders, ductwork contractors, electricians and other trades working on the roof cause accidental damage to equipment. Our air conditioning condensers are craned onto the roof space pre-protected. The protection is only removed at the end of the roof work, avoiding what can sometimes be substantial damage and replacement costs, with attendant delays to the programme.

Air Conditioning System Offsite Manufacturing ProcessTK Air Conditioning has used this off site manufacturing process on a number of recent assignments. To see examples please visit TK Air Conditioning Projects Page.

Off Site Manufacturing – Free of Charge

TK Air Conditioning passes on the benefits of this value and safety engineered off site manufacture to clients at no additional charge. The mains cabling work remains a chargeable cost, but the cost reductions, programme time reduction and safety benefits of this process are passed on directly to TK Air Conditioning clients.

To discuss how the TK Air Conditioning Off Site Manufacturing process could benefit your project, please call 0191 438 7410 or e-mail your enquiry to us.

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