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Local Football Sponsorship

TKAC sponsors Harton Westoe Juniors under 15’s football team. The team plays at Harton Miners Welfare Center in South Shields. They play in the Under 15’s Premier League of the Russel Foster Youth League against teams in South Tyneside, Gateshead and County Durham details below or visit www.rfyl.org.co.uk :

History of the League

Local Football SponsorshipThe league was formed with the sole sponsorship of Mr Foster in 1975 to provide football facilities for youngsters in the local community. The initial season saw 8 teams competing in one under 13 Division – this season we have 434 teams competing in 37 divisions covering age groups from under 9’s to under 18’s. The phenomenal growth of the League is testament to the hardwork of many people involved with the League but would have been impossible without the assistance we have received from our Sponsor and President.

Future of the League

Our long term plans include having our own indoor and outdoor sports complex enabling us to continue as a league but to assist in providing outdoor pitches for games and an indoor hall for small sided events. This will enable the new small- sided teams for boy’s aged 6-10 to practice the skills they have been gaining from recent personal coaching.

We also intend to undertake providing youth leagues for girls as we find there is now a definite requirement for such Leagues. Again, all our long and short term plans are due to the continued support of Russell Foster who is donating 80 acres of land to the League to enable them to develop their Sports Complex.

About The President

The President of the Tyne and Wear Youth Leagues, Mr Russell Foster, has been our sponsor since its formation. Russell Foster is a local businessman who has given unfailing support over quarter of a century and has taken a keen interest in the growth of the League from its humble beginnings to the huge League, which it has become.

Mr Foster, a family man himself, has always shown intense interest in the activities of the League and careers of several of our ‘old boys’ over the years. He takes great pride in having played some small part in various local players’ start in the Game such as Paul Gascoigne, Michael Gray, Lee Clark, Stuart Downing and Grant Leadbetter to name but a few.